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Rattlesnake Avoidance Training is vital for any dog living in rattlesnake areas.  This training will not only educate your dog about the danger of rattlesnakes but will also educate you, the dog owner, to what your dog’s body language looks like when the dog is alerting to and avoiding a rattlesnake. Our training is done over two class sessions and we encourage the dog’s family to attend each class.

Our Rattlesnake Avoidance video will help you understand what we do when training you and your dog.
Here are frequent asked questions about Rattlesnake Avoidance that may help you with your dog training.

Do you use live rattlesnakes?

Yes, because a live rattlesnake is much more dangerous than a dead rattlesnake, so we want your dog to avoid a live rattlesnake.

Do you use an E-Collar (shock) for RattlesnakeAvoidance training?

Yes, it is the only precise and effective way to teach rattlesnake avoidance to a dog.

Does the owner have to be near the rattlesnakes?

Yes, because you are a vital part of your dog’s avoidance training and you are so close to your dog during the training you see firsthand what you dog’s body language looks like when he is alerting to and avoiding a rattlesnake.

How safe is my dog and myself during the training?

Our rattlesnakes are in a reinforced cage. No dog or human has ever been struck through the cage.

What is the cost of Rattlesnake Avoidance Training?

$175.00, this includes two separate sessions of training.

How often should I bring my dog for re-fresher training?

We do not require you to come back yearly for a re-fresher.  Our training is a life time lesson.  If you get peace of mind from a re-fresh then we would certainly do that for you.  It also re-freshens your memory as to what you dog’s body language looks like when he/she is alerting to and avoiding a rattlesnake.

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